Raven and Crow
Earl and the Southern Flying Squirrel
Hip Hop Hippo
Rappin’ Raptors
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Raven and Crow

Ashley Moffat,

Raven and crow, raven and crow
Seemingly similar, so how do I know
Which is a raven or what is a crow?
I see them wherever I go

Chorus: And I say, "Blackbird sitting on the telephone line,
What's your species? What's your name?
Oh, what's your kind?"

Raven and crow, raven and crow
Which one am I? Who wants to know?
I'm the smaller one, and I "caw" with my nose
Am I a raven, or am I a crow? CROW!

Raven and crow, raven and crow
Which one am I? Do you think you know?
My voice is so hoarse, my call is a "croak"
Am I a raven, or am I a crow? RAVEN!

Raven and crow, raven and crow
Which one am I? I bet you want to know!
My beak is much thicker, and longer it grows
Am I a raven, or am I a crow? RAVEN!

Raven and crow, raven and crow
We both have a tail. Look up and you will know
But my tail is rounded and fan-shaped, not pointed
Am I a raven, or am I a crow? CROW!

Raven and crow, raven and crow
Which one am I? Wouldn't you like to know?
I live as far from the city as I can possibly go
Am I a raven, or am I a crow? RAVEN!

And I say, "Blackbird sitting on the telephone line,

You gave me knowledge, you gave me clues
So I can make up my own mind."

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Earl and the Southern Flying Squirrel

Ashley Moffat, 2005, Second Nature

There once was a boy named Earl

Who fell in love with a Flying Squirrel

He would sit upon the forest floor

And look up, way up, and adore

How she twirled her way up to the tippy-top-tops



Of the trees... in her night-time world

Then into...thin air, she hurled

Her small, fuzzy, furry……body but

Earl, he never worried

He just smiled and he swooned, and he stared at the moon 

To catch a glimpse of her silhouette

At which point, he would play his clarinet

Serenading his beloved

Gliding up, way up above it

Oh, Zippity-doo-doo-doo, how I love you

And the way that you glide

Across the night sky...  

There once was a Flying Squirrel

Who fell in love with a boy named…..Earl!

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Hip Hop Hippo

Ashley Moffat, Second Nature

I'm a hip-hop, hip-hip-O

Let's bust-a-rhyme about my life...YO! (x2)


I’m a hip-hop, hip-hip-O

From a geographic range called Eethio

I'm hip-hop, hip-hip-O

Let's bust-a-rhyme about my life....YO!


Hippopotamus amphibious, my old school name

But you can call me "hippo", we're one and the same

I’m graceful in the water where it’s always fun

But I’m clumsy on the land because I weigh a tonne 


I sleep all day, but that don’t mean I’m lazy

I’m just chillin’ in the water when it’s hot and hazy

And when the sun’s settin’ out there in the West,

That’s when me and my posse are at our best 


I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat

Grasses seem to me to be a tasty treat

I’m not trying to judge, I ain’t no preacher,

I just do not see the need to eat another creature 


I’m as big as a Buick, this bull’s got weight!

At six years old, I was ready to mate

So I’m searchin’ this piece for a cow with style

My mama told me, “Stay away from West Nile!” 


See these battle scars, they’re from my brothers in the herd

We compete for control……..Word!

Fighting can be deadly or result in shame,

But if you lose, you gotta leave, it’s the name of the game 


The battles with my brothers ain’t no threat to me,

It’s those humans with big weapons seeking ivory

They shoot me for my meat and my precious chops,

So spread the good word, protect the hip-hip hop!

Protect the hip-hip-hop!


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Rappin’ Raptors

Joyce Saunders & Shannon Lynch, 2009, unrecorded


Who am I... up above.... in the sky.....? I ain't no dove
With my sharp-hooked beak and talons like a saw
I'm a predatory bird that they call Raptor!

Yo, here's a shout out to my raptor crew
The Northern Harrier, ain't no-one like you
The Snowy Owl with the face of a ghost
And you know, the Bald Eagle deserves a toast
Three kindsa' hawks including the kites,
Buteos, accipiters ownin' the heights
And of course, the falcons have earned their place
As the speediest demons in the raptor race!

Osprey intro: Gotta make way....for the Osprey (x2)

I'm the awesome Osprey, a hunter like no other
Especially when I become a busy mother
A nest full o' chicks eats a whole lotta fish
I gotta' work hard to deliver the dish
I hover really high up above the water
Pumpin' my wings like an Osprey oughta'
When I see somethin' stirrin' down below
I stop, I drop, I hook it and I go!

Goshawk intro: Omigosh, Omigosh.....it's a Goshawk (2)

Omigosh, Omigosh, I'm a Goshawk
Among bird lovers, I'm the talk of the talk
I'm seldom seen, though the size of a crow
I'm one of those accipiters, you know
That means I eat birds and I live in the forest
Along with the Cooper's and Sharp-shinned, of course
I'm a fighter pilot...extraordinaire
Snatchin' my prey right outta' thin air

Buteo intro: Shake your but-, shake your but-, shake your but-e-o! (x2)

I'm a but-, I'm a but-, I'm a but-e-o
I'm good at soarin' and sailin' on the flow
Of the warm air that rises from the earth
I ride those thermals for all they're worth
I got a broad tail and nice, wide wings
In fact, my popular name's Broad-winged
Hawk, that is, and my buteo brothers
Are Red-shouldered and -tailed among others

Have you heard of us raptors that fit in your hand?
The cutest little raptors in all the land
But don't be fooled by our tiny charms
We still can inflict some serious harm
We are the pygmy, burrowing and elf
Owls, and we do not belong on the shelf!
The pygmy's got eyes in the back of his head
They might be phoney but they'll fill you with dread!




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The Tamarack Song

Joyce Saunders, Live in Concert!!! & Second Nature


Tamarack, Hackmatack, Juniper, and Larch

Absolutely naked from November until March

It's got CONES! and it's got NEEDLES!

But it isn't what it seems...

It's decidedly deciduous and never evergreen


Next time you're outside playing and there's a tamarack in sight

Why don't you get up close and notice what the needles are like?

They grow in little bunches that look just like tiny brooms

If you were only a couple inches tall, you could use one to sweep your room!


Now, if there was a party that only softwoods could attend

And the invitation said that you could bring along a friend

The tamarack would never ask a taller tree to come

'Cause taller trees are too shady, and larches love their sun!


I suppose you all are wondering what "deciduous" really means

Well, in the season we call "autumn", you can see the falling leaves

The beautiful Red Maple may be the one that we know best

But the larches drop their needles too, so they also pass the test!

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