Hip Hop Hippo
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Hip Hop Hippo

Ashley Moffat, Second Nature

I'm a hip-hop, hip-hip-O

Let's bust-a-rhyme about my life...YO! (x2)


I’m a hip-hop, hip-hip-O

From a geographic range called Eethio

I'm hip-hop, hip-hip-O

Let's bust-a-rhyme about my life....YO!


Hippopotamus amphibious, my old school name

But you can call me "hippo", we're one and the same

I’m graceful in the water where it’s always fun

But I’m clumsy on the land because I weigh a tonne 


I sleep all day, but that don’t mean I’m lazy

I’m just chillin’ in the water when it’s hot and hazy

And when the sun’s settin’ out there in the West,

That’s when me and my posse are at our best 


I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat

Grasses seem to me to be a tasty treat

I’m not trying to judge, I ain’t no preacher,

I just do not see the need to eat another creature 


I’m as big as a Buick, this bull’s got weight!

At six years old, I was ready to mate

So I’m searchin’ this piece for a cow with style

My mama told me, “Stay away from West Nile!” 


See these battle scars, they’re from my brothers in the herd

We compete for control……..Word!

Fighting can be deadly or result in shame,

But if you lose, you gotta leave, it’s the name of the game 


The battles with my brothers ain’t no threat to me,

It’s those humans with big weapons seeking ivory

They shoot me for my meat and my precious chops,

So spread the good word, protect the hip-hip hop!

Protect the hip-hip-hop!


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