Rappin’ Raptors
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Rappin’ Raptors

Joyce Saunders & Shannon Lynch, 2009, unrecorded


Who am I... up above.... in the sky.....? I ain't no dove
With my sharp-hooked beak and talons like a saw
I'm a predatory bird that they call Raptor!

Yo, here's a shout out to my raptor crew
The Northern Harrier, ain't no-one like you
The Snowy Owl with the face of a ghost
And you know, the Bald Eagle deserves a toast
Three kindsa' hawks including the kites,
Buteos, accipiters ownin' the heights
And of course, the falcons have earned their place
As the speediest demons in the raptor race!

Osprey intro: Gotta make way....for the Osprey (x2)

I'm the awesome Osprey, a hunter like no other
Especially when I become a busy mother
A nest full o' chicks eats a whole lotta fish
I gotta' work hard to deliver the dish
I hover really high up above the water
Pumpin' my wings like an Osprey oughta'
When I see somethin' stirrin' down below
I stop, I drop, I hook it and I go!

Goshawk intro: Omigosh, Omigosh.....it's a Goshawk (2)

Omigosh, Omigosh, I'm a Goshawk
Among bird lovers, I'm the talk of the talk
I'm seldom seen, though the size of a crow
I'm one of those accipiters, you know
That means I eat birds and I live in the forest
Along with the Cooper's and Sharp-shinned, of course
I'm a fighter pilot...extraordinaire
Snatchin' my prey right outta' thin air

Buteo intro: Shake your but-, shake your but-, shake your but-e-o! (x2)

I'm a but-, I'm a but-, I'm a but-e-o
I'm good at soarin' and sailin' on the flow
Of the warm air that rises from the earth
I ride those thermals for all they're worth
I got a broad tail and nice, wide wings
In fact, my popular name's Broad-winged
Hawk, that is, and my buteo brothers
Are Red-shouldered and -tailed among others

Have you heard of us raptors that fit in your hand?
The cutest little raptors in all the land
But don't be fooled by our tiny charms
We still can inflict some serious harm
We are the pygmy, burrowing and elf
Owls, and we do not belong on the shelf!
The pygmy's got eyes in the back of his head
They might be phoney but they'll fill you with dread!




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