The Tamarack Song
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The Tamarack Song

Joyce Saunders, Live in Concert!!! & Second Nature


Tamarack, Hackmatack, Juniper, and Larch

Absolutely naked from November until March

It's got CONES! and it's got NEEDLES!

But it isn't what it seems...

It's decidedly deciduous and never evergreen


Next time you're outside playing and there's a tamarack in sight

Why don't you get up close and notice what the needles are like?

They grow in little bunches that look just like tiny brooms

If you were only a couple inches tall, you could use one to sweep your room!


Now, if there was a party that only softwoods could attend

And the invitation said that you could bring along a friend

The tamarack would never ask a taller tree to come

'Cause taller trees are too shady, and larches love their sun!


I suppose you all are wondering what "deciduous" really means

Well, in the season we call "autumn", you can see the falling leaves

The beautiful Red Maple may be the one that we know best

But the larches drop their needles too, so they also pass the test!

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