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Posted on Dec 16, 2006 - 02:49 PM



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I first heard of you guys on CBC radio.  I loved it!  I’ll be picking up your album for my little girl this week.  I know she’ll love it as much as I do.  I look forward to many more recordings in the future!  Thank you!

By David Getson on 2010 03 04
From the entry 'Messageboard'.

By far, our favourite music to listen to with our daughter.  Thanks so much for your Canadian, Biologically accurate tunes!  Raven and Crow got us through many tearful car rides.  We love your music.

Any Ontario shows in the future?

By Catherine Walsh on 2010 02 07
From the entry 'Messageboard'.

Ellie and Georgia have got the Wilderbeats CD from Shatford Library and they haven’t stopped listening to it since they first heard it. We love it! Ellie and Georgia xx

By Ellie and Georgia Nightingale on 2008 03 19
From the entry 'About The Wilderbeats'.

The show was very good.My faverite song was Tamarack!!!Thanks for coming to our school.

By Maggie Mugford Grade 4 on 2007 01 08
From the entry 'Fresh Air Society Concert'.

We enjoyed your songs ! You were very funny and nice ! We also liked the BLACK BEAR !

Sam likes the sticker !
Thank you ! 
2 - 5 Class Antigonish Education Centre

By Grade 2-5 Class Antigonish Education Centre on 2007 01 08
From the entry 'Messageboard'.


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